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The H2O / Homework Organizer
and EF (Executive Functioning)

Good executive functioning (a person’s ability to plan, organize, start, stay on track, and reach a goal) helps us independently structure tasks and our environment to get a job done.  Getting organized and planning how and when to do homework are prime examples of executive functioning skills that are demanded of school-aged children.

When executive functioning is lacking, it most often results in a disorganized child who falters with school responsibiliities.  He/she may forget to bring home materials to do the homework, not recognize where to begin, forget what the homework assignment is or that they even have homework, or forget to turn in the assignments even when they completed them!  In these cases, the environment needs to pitch in to add some structure and support to help the floundering student learn more self-direction.

The H2O / Homework Organizer is a systematic organization and planning tool created to accomplish this task.  In the process of fostering the habit of doing homework, it helps to develop the life skills of organization, planning and time management that kids need for homework and other life long responsibilties.  For the child who needs to learn to become more self-reliant, it offers a systematic approach to this end:  It guides kids through the process, one step at a time, to form a habit.

Research says that the best way to learn a life skill—like being organized and managing time--is in a natural setting, in real-time, and real-life.  Doing homework and organizing the homework process is a perfect vehicle for that purpose.

With the high-stakes demands for student performance today, executive functioning skills are more critical than ever to student success.  Intellectual ability and strong academic skills are no longer sufficient to guarantee success.  It is the students who have solid organization and planning skills who will get ahead.  Will your students be among them?

How does the H2O / Homework Organizer provide structure?

The H2O / Homework Organizer provides structure by first analyzing the multistepped task of “homework” into its smaller component parts—we call this “smashing the task.”  These smaller steps, once clearly defined, become easier for kids to approach and accomplish.

When we “smash the task” of doing homework, “homework” breaks down into several substeps:

  1. Writing down the homework assignment
  2. Deciding what materials you need to do the homework
  3. Planning when to do the homework
  4. Doing the actual homework
  5. Putting the finished homework back into the backpack
  6. Turning it in to the teacher

The H2O / Homework Organizer programs these steps into its system so that, when it is used correctly and consistently, the job of doing homework gets done!


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