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What the Research Says about Homework….

Research has found that when students complete homework, grades and student achievement improve. However, completing homework is often a difficult task for students who have other obstacles in their path. Foremost among these obstacles is a lack of organizational and planning skills.

The need for organization and planning skills goes beyond the classroom and school setting. Organizational skills permeate all aspects of life—from keeping a backpack organized, to studying for a test, to applying to college, to maintaining a household, working a job, caring for children and aging parents, etc. To the extent that students are armed with organization and planning skills, they will be better prepared to take on not only school and homework challenges, but Life’s challenges as well. When kids learn organization and planning skills, the ripple effect lasts a lifetime.

What Research Says About Learning
a “Life Skill”….

Research also tells us that the best way to learn a Life Skill—like organization—is to practice it in real life situations under coaching direction.

The H2O / Homework Organizer offers that opportunity. Unlike other assignment notebooks, this highly acclaimed planner contains actual instruction in organization and planning skills that can be learned “as you go,” as part of the lesson, in the course of the day, as a step to the final goal: homework completion!

Based on the need of the student (that is, the obstacle to homework completion), any combination of H2O features can be used. From helping make sure the right materials go home to handing the assignment in the next day, H2O offers these, and numerous other strategies in between, to make “taking a step” an achievable objective. And when steps are so simplified that kids can say to themselves, “I can do that,” they actually are more likely to do it!

What Research Says about Motivation….

We know that motivation is easily dampened when the task is “felt” to be more than the student can cope with or tackle. That’s why breaking homework down into simpler, more achievable steps WORKS! It helps alter kids’ attitudes about their ability to do it (aka sense of self-efficacy), and boosts their initiative to TRY!

When kids learn strategies—the steppingstones to success--to assist them in reaching their goal, the drive to attain that goal is further fueled. As a strategic planning tool, the H2O / Homework Organizer is filled with strategies and tips that make completing homework a more accomplishable goal. The resulting sense of gratification and self-pride, of preparedness and achievement make it easier for teachers and parents to keep this positive cycle moving in the right direction! Using the Homework Organizer correctly, consistently and supportively will help you achieve these results!

When Kids Can……They Will!

Student Achievement Doesn’t Get More Cost Effective Than This!


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